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Each Caffitaly System capsule contains the perfect quantity of coffe to exalt the taste and aroma of all blends and employs the technology of the system in the best way using 8 grams of ground coffe.

The top film and the capsule boby are made from multilayer materials, as is the body of the capsule. This seals it completely and protects the coffe from atmospheric conditions, that could change its unique aroma.

The upper filter allows an optimal and homogeneous distribution of the water over the ground coffee. The lower filter ensures the right presure of the system, for the best possible extraction.

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Not only our coffee capsule are pratical, they also do the best coffee in each cup. Each of our capsules contain 3 base elements that every barrista is looking for :

1. The right blend. Prepared with our roster team in Italie, our twelve blends of Caffitaly coffee has the right acidity and bitterness and also the best intensity.

2. The right quantity. Each Caffitaly capsule contains 8g of coffee (compared with many brands that have only 5g) it is the right quantity to prepare an espresso of quality.

3. The right grind the beans are grounded in order to obtain the desired intensity,

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