Bellucci Descaler (2 Uses Per Bottle) – Universal Descaling Solution for all types of Coffee and Espresso Machines


Bellucci Decalcifier Liquid Descaler is specially made for all coffee machines.

The special espresso machine descaler from Caffitaly will not only remove build up lime scale but also prevent corrosion.

Features and Benefits

  • 2 uses per bottle of 237 ml.
  • Exclusive formula, for thorough but gentle decalcification.
  • Effective protection: perfect decalcification of water circuits.
  • Protects your coffee machine against lime scale build-up.
  • Naturally Derived and Safe Solution
  • Phosphate Free, Biodegradable and GMO free
  • Bottle is 100% recyclable
  • Made in USA
caffitaly descaler 2 doses reflexion square